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Fiber Fundamentals Services
If your district is facing budget cuts or heightened fiscal scrutiny, I will evaluate your transportation operations and identify efficiency potentials. Whether your goal is to provide greater levels of service or to minimize service reductions, I will present you, your BOE, or your taxpayers with information and possibilities.

Contracted Services
When contractors are paid to maintain bus routes, conflicting interests are fostered and district oversight can become difficult. I will expedite ridership counts and ride-time analyses to keep operations running lean and to ensure that district funds are being applied to contracted transportation services appropriately.

Eligibility Assessment
Transportation policies may dictate home-to-school walk distances or areas of ineligibility. Identifying ineligible students who are being bused, or eligible students who are not, provides a means to improve consistency in transportation services. I will quantify the costs of providing “courtesy busing,” and present map and mileage data to substantiate changes where needed.

Funding & Reimbursement
Reimbursement for school transportation differs by state, and can be based upon trip distances, student participation rates, vehicle information, and other data that is not always easy to obtain. Re-examining routes or developing new routing scenarios with a funding-oriented emphasis can reveal potentials for less local (taxpayer) transportation funding. I will help achieve that goal.

Policy Development
Transportation studies should begin with an understanding of current district policy, and may end with suggested alterations. These policy change recommendations must include an assessment of their potential impact on the community. I will develop these recommendations with a focus on both near-term and long-term implications.

Ridership Assessment
The difference between planned and actual ridership can be profound! Too few riders is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Too many riders is uncomfortable and can be unsafe. Overbooking buses can lead to substantial savings without adversely affecting safety or service. I will craft district-specific heuristics to improve ridership efficiencies.

Route Analysis
Utilizing resources effectively requires that Runs are thoughtfully paired together into Routes. Often, routing software has tools to manage the way contractors, drivers and vehicles are assigned to bus routes. Whether you own routing software or not, I have experience recognizing improved route-pairing opportunities.

Run Development
Demographic shifts and student matriculation change the routing landscape every year. And these “incremental” changes can undermine efficiency over time without routing-maintenance efforts. I will review your bus runs and reveal opportunities to eliminate stops, reduce mileage, and decrease ride times.

School Boundary Planning
Boundary Planning is a way of life for growing (and shrinking) districts across the country. Population changes can involve demographic and geographic shifts that force redistricting considerations. School capacities, class sizes, numbers of classrooms, grade ranges, and transportation plans must be considered in redistricting undertakings. Don’t let the future take you by surprise!

School Business Administration
I hold permanent School Business Administrator certification in New York State, and I am sensitive to the challenges facing districts today. It can be difficult to “do the right thing” while balancing the influences of the students, staff, parents, taxpayers, and Board of Education! Let me help you develop plans where fiscal and political realities peacefully coexist.

Software Utilization
I accelerate software implementation processes, steering staff members toward a comprehensive understanding of the tools and processes. My experience will help your team avoid pitfalls and stagnation that can derail noble initiatives. If you want to be up and running within a few weeks, call now!

Stop Evaluation
Bus stops are the critical first step in developing successful transportation services. Public perception, safety and efficiency are all at stake with Bus Stops. I will work with your organization’s staff to improve transportation services by scrutinizing stop placement and staging areas for safety while developing or adhering to walk-to-stop guidelines.